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Transport system

Go back in Rome is not a difficult thing, Rome public transport system convenience. Vending machines are everywhere, with fares:

1 times 1.5 € Euro

1. day € 6 Euro

3. days €16  Euro

1. week  € 24 Euro

1. month € 35 Euro

One year  € 250 Euro


shop selling bus tickets, train tickets and tobacco

Fares apply from 2012. Particular month and year can not buy tickets at the automatic ticket machines that have Tabacchi (tobacco).

Tickets for students aged 26 years or younger, low-income people and the elderly over 65 are much cheaper. You can go to this website to see, and visit the major Metro stations.

With just one ticket that you have the right to use the bus (Autobus), tram (Tram), subway (metro or Metropolitana), very convenient and can go to far away places, famous tourist spots you want to.

You can on this site to find your way around. From place to place (Calcola il percorso). They will let you know bus, stopping how much of the down where and how far long way.

Same site, you can also:

• Find 1 address (Trova Indirizzo). They will see the map where you want to address and nearby roads; v

• Find the stops of one bus / tram / metro ... (Trovalinea). They'll tell you the name of the first stops the bus / tram / metro from the first station to the last station.

Note that Day (Sunday or holidays) bus usually less running, so have to wait for long hours; route and can also be changed, not to go the same way as other weekdays.

In Rome often takes place, could this be the long-standing culture of Rome. Conventional strike, bus routes, Tram or Metro does not run, or just run a certain number of hours only.